Our First Blog!

Hey it’s Jen, publisher of Double Dutch Magazine!

We have launched our first blog. It’s important for us to be all the places where teens are so look for us to have more presence on the web (social media, blogs, etc). We will have a blog posting everyday (open for biz Monday-Friday), unless there are some juicy news or celeb stories that absolutely cannot wait until Monday. We’re new to this, so we’ll see how it works as we go along.

The thought of blogging that many times a week will be a HUGE task. I’m holding myself to a different standard in 2011–facing my fears–by doing something that is such a big change that it feels uncomfortable. I recently cut my hair, the shortest it’s ever been, so I can remind myself of the that I need to make this year. See before and after pics, here . . .

And, so you can hear other voices, we will also have contributors to our blog, so stay tuned for that announcement.

Mmmm, so what will be in this blog and why should I care?
Well, it will include all the things that teens girls love: fashion, music and topics that teens want to discuss (boys, friends, celebs, tv, etc). It’s going to be crazy fun. It will also include stories to inspire girls to live out their dreams by learning from other girls and women or making their own path.

And speaking of women, today marks the first day of women’s history month, so learn from Madam C.J. Walker, who became a wealthy female entrepreneur during a time when it seemed nearly impossible. Check out this profile of Madam C.J. in Double Dutch Magazine.




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Uplifting the esteem of girls with fun, fashion and style.

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