The “Hidden Figures” of Black Panther

Black_Panther_Poster_October_2017Image Credit: marvelcinematicuniverse.com

The “Hidden Figures” of the Marvel Film, Black Panther 

By Jen Threat

There has been so much love and reverence for the film, Black Panther due to the positive portrayal of female characters in the film. The women show strength, intelligence and confidence in their decisions. These are traits that are not often shown for African-American female characters in television, film or books.

As African-American women, we have seen these traits by women in our families, in our communities and in our history. Intentional or not by director, Ryan Coogler or screenwriter, Joe Robert Cole, these women of Wakanda pay homage to women that we’ve heard about all our lives. Like the movie, “Hidden Figures,” which highlighted overlooked African-American women in NASA, Black Panther shines a spotlight on the power and leadership of women in this film and history. There are many comparisons that can be made between Black Panther’s Wakanda women and historical figures in African-American history.

She surpassed the knowledge of everyone around her with her expertise in STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math), including her brother, the legendary Black Panther portrayed by Chadwick Boseman. Shuri, depicted by actress Letitia Wright, is a nod to Katherine Johnson, the real-life math whiz, whose calculations helped John Glenn and other astronauts launch into galaxies beyond Earth. As Shuri aided for the FBI agent in flying the virtual plane, Katherine Johnson helped prepare astronauts for take off and guided them back home safely.

Lupita Nyong’o embodies Nakia, a female spy.  Nakia is able to change and adapt based on her environment. We often do this as African-American women. We often “code switch” by speaking in one tone in professional environments and adding more flavor to our language among family and friends. This character represents leaders of the civil and women’s rights movements, like Rosa Parks and Fannie Lou Hamer. These women believed that woman could lead, work for themselves and contribute to the cause on the behalf of women, who may not been able to speak up for themselves.

Actress Danai Gurira fiercely encompasses the spirit of the Wakanda warrior, Okoye. She is the Head of Special Forces a.k.a. The General. Her leadership was reminiscent of Harriet Tubman. Armed with a spear and faced with choosing her country, Wakanda, over her beloved male warrior, she would choose Wakanda. Harriet Tubman, a former slave, guided many to freedom through the Underground Railroad. She was faced with slaves wanting to return back to their masters. Shotgun in hand, her stern warning was to shoot them first, instead of letting them return to their masters. Any slave returns would mean death for all and she was unwilling to risk that for those that yearned for freedom.

Queen Mother Ramonda
Regal as always, Angela Bassett is Queen Mother Ramonda. This character held the weight of the world on her shoulders: the death of her husband, the threat of death to her son and her role as queen of the great Wakanda. This character represents the “strong black women” that we were all taught to be as little girls and saw as examples by our mothers, Big mamas, aunties and neighbors. Women in our lives have experienced discrimination and suffered tragedies, but somehow triumphed with grace and dignity.

Most importantly, the movie demonstrates that women can work together for a greater purpose. No catfights here. The movie, “Black Panther” has been phenomenal in bringing to light, the power and beauty of African-American women. The secret is we already knew that we possessed this “Black Girl Magic.” Now, everyone else is aware, too.


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Teen Bullied About Her Complexion Fights Back with Success #blackgirlmagic

We of the African diaspora come in different shades and should not be made to feel embarrassed about our particular hue. We were born a certain shade and we don’t have any control over it. Every shade is beautiful. One teen, Kheris Rodgers, was bullied about her ebony complexion. Click here to see how she clapped back by creating a business.

AfroPunk Fest Lands in Brooklyn!

For over 10 years, the AfroPunk Festival has united music fans from all ages, genders, political beliefs and orientations–all for the love of music! The 2-day weekend fest included concerts, an AfroPunk ball and parties in Manhattan and Brooklyn from August 21-23, 2015.

The annual music festival began in 2005 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) and continued to grow with the festival organizers since 2008, Matthew Morgan and Jocelyn Cooper. Excitement about the festival has attracted legendary talent over the years like D’Angelo, Lianne La Havas and Meshelle Ndegeocello. This year, they raised the bar of talent with Ms. Lauryn Hill, Grace Jones, Suicidal Tendencies, Thundercat, Vintage Trouble, Gary Clark, Jr and the legendary rock god and event headliner, Lenny Kravitz!

AfroPunk is a great community event, because people express their truth. During the week, “AfroPunkers” may work a corporate 9-to-5 or come from a community that does not support their uniqueness. They can let their afros, dreads, weaves and perms flow freely among other like-minded artists, musicians and activists at the AfroPunk Fest. They are not judged for piercings, tattoos and hair-color inspired by the rainbow; instead, they are celebrated. The musicians who performed felt the mutual respect fans had for one another and it encouraged the musicians to give the fans a show they will never forget.

Thundercat at AfroPunk 2015
Thundercat at AfroPunk Fest 2015
Lead Singer, Ty, of Vintage Trouble surfs the crowd
Lead Singer, Ty, of Vintage Trouble surfs the crowd
Vintage Trouble, AfroPunk 2015
Vintage Trouble, AfroPunk 2015
Gary Clark, Jr., AfroPunk 2015
Gary Clark, Jr., AfroPunk 2015
Grace Jones, AfroPunk 2015
Grace Jones, AfroPunk 2015

On Saturday, Ms. Lauryn Hill performed despite sound equipment issues and a disgruntled audience. Grace Jones closed out the night with a hot performance displaying her body-painted physique, while doing the hula hoop to Jamaican drumbeats! On Sunday, Thundercat showcased why he is a favorite bass player among singers like Erykah Badu and Kendrick Lamar. Later, Gary Clark, Jr. blazed the stage with songs from his current cd, “Blak and Blu,” including When My Train Pulls In, Bright Lights and Numb. He also performed new tracks from his upcoming cd release, “The Story of Sonny Boy Slim.” It was a cool mellow vibe at the Green Stage until the group, Vintage Trouble burst on the scene with lead singer asking, “Are you ready to party? Get up off your blanket!” Vintage Trouble has appeared on ABC’s talk show, The View, but those at AfroPunk who were unfamiliar had no idea about the ride they would take that night. Vintage Trouble ended the performance with the lead singer, Ty, going out into the crowd for the song, Run, Baby, Run. The energizing performance completely changed the tone and made the crowd even hungrier for Lenny Kravitz’s performance.

Lenny Kravitz came out on stage with a beard and sunglasses and the rocker uniform, leather pants. He sang all the fan favorites like, It Ain’t Over ‘Til Its Over, Believe, I Belong to You, Always on the Run and Let Love Rule. Just when the crowd thought the performance was over, Lenny came back to perform a super-hyped, fist-pumping performance of Are You Gonna Go My Way? It was great to see expert musicianship of drummer, Cindy Blackman-Santana and lead guitarist, Craig Ross, who have worked alongside Lenny Kravitz for many years to elevate the sound and lyrics of the music. Lenny’s background singers emphasized the funk, soul, rock and hip-hop of his songs with their singing and dance moves. Lenny Kravitz is one of my favorite singers, but it was my first time seeing him (Cray, right?) I’m still floating from the experience. Even the most thugged-out guys in the crowd were shrieking like teen girls at a One Direction concert.

In addition to groundbreaking performances, the AfroPunk Fest had various vendors that sold clothing, hair products, jewelry and hair accessories. Local Brooklyn and New York City eats were provided by Hill Country BBQ, Madiba, Carl’s Steaks and more. Since AfroPunk attracts activists, the festival included the Activist Row to highlight organizations such as Hip Hop Saves Lives, Black Lives Matter and Habitat for Humanity. In fact, people were able to receive free AfroPunk tickets in exchange for participation in the AfroPunk Army. Member of the Afro Punk Army volunteered at a New York City non-profit. I earned tickets by volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. It’s a great way to give back to the community and see some unbelievable music performances. This was my first AfroPunk Fest and it will not be my last.

See more AfroPunk videos below. Excuse the hats, heads and arms in the videos. lol

Gary Clark:

Vintage Trouble:

Cindy Blackman:






Watch a Living Music Icon, Prince on SNL 2nite!


If you are not a Prince fan, you will be after watching Prince make history on Saturday Night Live (SNL) tonight. I hope you will tune in to witness this history-making moment of an unprecendented 8-minute jam session without commercials–a first in SNL’s 40-year history. Most music performances are broken up into two segments, but with the talent of Prince, SNL will roll out the purple carpet for His Majesty, Prince. Tonight’s performance will also mark Prince’s return to the Saturday Night Live stage after 8 years. His last performance was on February 4, 2006. Prince’s all-female band, 3RDEYEGIRL, will join him on stage for a fiery, jam session that will be filled with classics and new selections. Get ready to hear music from his new solo album, ART OFFICIAL AGE and his album featuring 3RDEYEGIRL, PLECTRUMELECTRUM. Both albums debuted in the Top 10 at the same time! These albums also marks Prince return to his original music label, Warner Bros. Records. If you’ve been to a Prince performance, you know that no two performances are the same. I saw him a few years ago and when I talked to other friends who went on different dates, it was different songs, but the same fabulous party. Prince is an artist that continues to evolve and can make a song from the past sound like it was created yesterday.

Not only will SNL features the talents of Prince, comedian Chris Rock and past SNL cast member will return as host of SNL after 18 years. Rock personally requested Prince as the music performer for his hosting night. With the musical talent of Prince and the comedic talent of Prince the SNL stage will be on FIRE by the end of the night. I cannot wait! See u there. . .


Click below for more info on Prince, 3RDEYEGIRL and SNL:

NBC.com. http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/


Could your earrings make you ill?

After seeing a magazine picture of Beyonce wearing these elegant chandelier earrings, I knew at that moment that i needed to get my ears pierced and rock some bling too. I was scared of getting pierced but after that was done i was happy that in a few weeks i would be able to wear a wide variety of earrings. Unfortunately a few hours after getting pierced my lobes started swelling and had swallowed the stud. It turned out I was allergic to the nickel that is put in most earrings. No one had advised me to get pierced with surgical sticks instead. Never again! If you are not sure if you are allergic to nickel it is best to buy earrings that state that they are nickel-free. An article stated that “as many as one in five people have an allergy to this metal, and many more may develop one simply by wearing too much nickel too often.”Symptoms of contact dermatitis usually occur within six to 24 hours of exposure. The affected skin becomes red, swollen and often blistered or scaly. Eventually, the skin may darken and become leathery and cracked.

Choose your earrings carefully and avoid affecting your health.

Restoration Rocks is Back Again with Hip-Hop Legends Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh


What are you doing this Saturday? I know where I’ll be! I will doing the “Dougie” dance on Fulton Street to the hip-hop rhymes of Dougie Fresh and Slick Rick and the soulful sounds of Rochelle Fleming. I love attending Restoration Rocks! It’s great fun with the fam and to see my Bed-Stuy neighbors. Restoration Rocks also features new talent on the rise and gives entrepreneurs a chance to promote food and services to the local community. Now in it’s 8th year, Restoration Rocks unites over 3,000 old and new Brooklynites in celebration of the  Bed-Stuy Alive Festival, which highlights the cultural richness of the borough. If you’ve never been, this is the perfect time to experience this exciting, FREE music event.


See Nas Without Leaving Home

The documentary film, “Nas: Time is Illmatic” about legendary MC, Nas is now available on iTunes, in movie theaters in select cities AND On Demand. As soon as I received the email from the Tribeca Film Festival about viewing On Demand, I saw the film the same day from my TV. Tribeca was the first to screen the film. That means that you can see how Nas transcended a seemingly insurmountable life as kid growing up in the Queensbridge Projects–in the comfort of your home (or your friend’s). It’s as easy as going to the On Demand section for your cable company and pressing play. Plus, it’s much cheaper than seeing the film at the movie theater and you won’t need to hear someone talking or texting on their phone.

Nas’ rise in the hip-hop game shows the importance of family support and  self-confidence. The film, directed by One9, takes you on a journey through Nas’ childhood and the hip-hop industry during its infancy. It shows that young DJs and MCs like Nas wanted to be in hip-hop for the love of the music and the way that it made them feel. It was not just about chasing the dollar. Yes, I am throwing some shade, because there are artists that are willing to sell their soul, so they can buy a new rope chain, sneakers or a new whip. Anyway back to Nas. . .this is a film for anyone who loves hip-hop or wants to know how it all began.



Michael Jackson is Back?

We all had Michael Jackson back for just a moment as hologram at the Billboard Awards.

It’s unfortunate that the same people who ridiculed and criticized him are now heralding him as one of the greatest entertainers ever. Whatever. Newsflash! his “true fans” already knew that he was one of the most prolific singers and dancers (without training) that has graced the stage. I think that generations will continue to celebrate Michael Jackson as an artist. It’s just too bad that he was not here to see it. The release of the album, Xscape will give all of MJ’s fans a chance to hear new music from producers that Michael Jackson has worked with previously like Epic Records chairman, L.A. Reid, and Rodney “DarkChild” Jerkins.”

Btw, I know that singer and songwriter, Paul Anka, is not usually linked to pop and R&B artists like Michael Jackson, but he seemed to write songs that were perfect for Michael. He co-wrote Love Never Felt So Good and This is It with Michael.

I’m looking forward to hearing all of the Xscape album. I like the songs I’ve heard so far.

See clips of Michael dance moves to the song Love Never Felt So Good


Nas Celebrates 20 Years of Illmatic at the Tribeca Film Festivals’ Opening Night

Yesterday, the legendary hip-hop MC, Nas, rocked the mic after the screening of the documentary, Time is Illmatic. The film discusses the 1994 release of Nas’ album Illmatic and discusses its impact then and now. The documentary was directed by One9. See pics of Nas from the screening and performance at The Beacon Theatre.

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