See Nas Without Leaving Home

The documentary film, “Nas: Time is Illmatic” about legendary MC, Nas is now available on iTunes, in movie theaters in select cities AND On Demand. As soon as I received the email from the Tribeca Film Festival about viewing On Demand, I saw the film the same day from my TV. Tribeca was the first to screen the film. That means that you can see how Nas transcended a seemingly insurmountable life as kid growing up in the Queensbridge Projects–in the comfort of your home (or your friend’s). It’s as easy as going to the On Demand section for your cable company and pressing play. Plus, it’s much cheaper than seeing the film at the movie theater and you won’t need to hear someone talking or texting on their phone.

Nas’ rise in the hip-hop game shows the importance of family support and  self-confidence. The film, directed by One9, takes you on a journey through Nas’ childhood and the hip-hop industry during its infancy. It shows that young DJs and MCs like Nas wanted to be in hip-hop for the love of the music and the way that it made them feel. It was not just about chasing the dollar. Yes, I am throwing some shade, because there are artists that are willing to sell their soul, so they can buy a new rope chain, sneakers or a new whip. Anyway back to Nas. . .this is a film for anyone who loves hip-hop or wants to know how it all began.




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