Michael Jackson is Back?

We all had Michael Jackson back for just a moment as hologram at the Billboard Awards.

It’s unfortunate that the same people who ridiculed and criticized him are now heralding him as one of the greatest entertainers ever. Whatever. Newsflash! his “true fans” already knew that he was one of the most prolific singers and dancers (without training) that has graced the stage. I think that generations will continue to celebrate Michael Jackson as an artist. It’s just too bad that he was not here to see it. The release of the album, Xscape will give all of MJ’s fans a chance to hear new music from producers that Michael Jackson has worked with previously like Epic Records chairman, L.A. Reid, and Rodney “DarkChild” Jerkins.”

Btw, I know that singer and songwriter, Paul Anka, is not usually linked to pop and R&B artists like Michael Jackson, but he seemed to write songs that were perfect for Michael. He co-wrote Love Never Felt So Good and This is It with Michael.

I’m looking forward to hearing all of the Xscape album. I like the songs I’ve heard so far.

See clips of Michael dance moves to the song Love Never Felt So Good



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