New Boyz

The New Boyz are doing it big again! They’re back with a new electronic sound with the song, “Backseat,” which will premiere on MTV on Monday. They’ve grown since their days of the skinny jeanz  and the jerkin movement. Now 18, they don’t way to stay stagnant. They continue to push themselves and their music in new directions. 

We still support the movement, but we wanted to show our creativity without being tied to jerkin’,” Legacy said. “Too Cool to Care is about how we’ve always gotten criticism from those who want to hate on our fashion or our style. But we’ve always done our thing. The album has crazy pop tracks, rock songs, and electronic songs. We’re testing our boundaries.”

Their second album, to be released on May 10, 2011 by Shotty/Asylum/Warner Bros. Records, includes songs from different music styles like electro, alternative rock and R&B and a DJ Khalil produced track, “Tough Kids.” Plus, I just heard a sneak peak of the title song for their album, “Too Cool to Care,” and it’s a cool, rock joint for inner headbanger in you. The New Boyz burst onto the music scene at age 16 with their own style and will continue to create music style on their own terms. Reminder: This is the same duo the racked up 60 million views on YouTube. Nuff said.

Learn the words to the song, “Backseat” from the official lyric video so you can sing along with the MTV premiere on Monday.

Want more New Boyz? See the Double Dutch magazine interview with the New Boyz.


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