Zimbabwe (Zim) with its warm, wet, dry climate has forced fashion and style to flow with its tide.

“Although we are still behind- Fashion in Zim is trying its best to catch up with the international trends.” Tessa Mahata ~fashion columnist

More and more teens in Zimbabwe are beginning to understand the “do’s” and “don’ts”- of looking good.

What’s in:
1.Leggings are so in- in combination with dress-shirts and short skirts.
2.Skinnies are overiding jeans! They are like the only type of jeans being worn.
3.Belts: It is almost near IMPOSSIBLE to find tops, dresses or skirts without belts. 4.Plaid shirts
5.Tommy tennis shoes (originals in Zim made by BATA)
6.Gladiator shoes.
7.Heels- especially peep-toes and wedge heels.

What’s out:
1.Spag Tops
2. Army print
3. Jelly Pumps
4. Hipsters

What will be in:
According to Tessa, lace may make a BIG impact. Even maxi dresses may show up on the scene. Some teens have also shown interest in high-waisted skirts aswell as vintage. ( Raiding mother’s wardrobe). Crop jackets, pants and blouses from the past seem to be returning.

Hopefully Zim fashion will catchup and develop its own “style” – and mould its originality into something all TEENS can have a “fashion-personality” in.

Yolanda-Lin M


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