Check out this Teen with Her Own Fashion Biz

Tanesa Patterson is the fashion designer and style consultant for Nesa Fab, a company she started when she  was only 12 years old! Now at 16, she is very much a seasoned designer and also makes time to mentor other teens in the fashion industry. The Nesa Fab line started with t-shirts and has grown to include collections for teens, tweens and young adults. The prices also fit the budget of teens and parents, who want have fashion-forward options without breaking the bank. Tanesa’s unique designs include shirts and dresses inspired by newspaper and hot shoes for $20. This Texas fashionista exhibits great style, because she needs not afraid to push the boundaries of fashion and most importantly, she’s doing fashion on her own terms, with her own company.

Click here to see why you’ll be hearing more about Tanesa Patterson in the fashion industry.

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