Prince will Reign on the West Coast

Musician and singer, Prince recently announced performances in Los Angeles at the Forum. The first performance was last night and if it was anything like what I saw in New York, the “Westside” version will be crazy-hot!

Prince is not only a songwriter, but he’s a musician who plays many instruments and he is a phenomenal performer. He’s not jumping off concert speakers and into splits like he did in the past. He has dancers to add to the already high-energy level of the show. After seeing Prince evolve over the years as a musician,  I still felt the passion he has for music when I saw him in February of this year. It was the second time I saw Prince. I also had a chance to see him perform when I was nine. Ok, don’t judge. My parents wanted to go, so they took me, too. Anyway, even if you weren’t alive when Prince was first making music, this is a must-see concert.  When I saw him a few months ago, there were people of every age and ethnicity dancing and singing all the words to the songs. So, even if you don’t know the words, you can easily download music from itunes. You will not be disappointed and this is a rare opportunity to see a musical genius at work.

Read more about Prince in this Los Angeles Times article


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