You are Beautiful, No Botox Necessary!

Today there was a segment on the morning TV show, Good Morning America, discussing a San Francisco mother giving her 8-year-old daughter the cosmetic procedure, Botox. Yes, Botox! The little girl competes in beauty pageants and her mother, who does the procedure herself, justifies giving her daughter Botox because “other moms are doing it.” In the GMA interview, the mom does not reveal her source for Botox, since it only available to doctors. See the interview for yourself here: Link to Botox Mom

I knew I had to blog about this today, in order to emphasize to girls, “You are beautiful.” If your nose is a little bigger than you’d like or you wish you weren’t so skinny; it’s okay, you were meant to look exactly as you do. Loving you gives you the confidence to know that you are smart and beautiful, despite any “perceived flaws.” There is not any reason you should request a cosmetic procedure as a girl or a teen, if it is NOT medically necessary (accident, illness). By changing who you are, you erase all the features which make you unique and the features you have inherited from your parents and other relatives. Embrace who you are, there’s only one you in the world.

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