Finals Week: Don’t Stress it!

You can’t imagine the stresses one endures during “Finals Week.” For some classes, grades rely on finals week. Yesterday a friend of mine told me she hasn’t taken one exam for her Women Studies class. I was shocked! “So you mean to tell me, this final exam counts for more than half of your final grade?”
Already I knew the answer.
Some teachers drown in grading papers and preparing lectures all semester that they don’t have much to grade students. And this final exam counts for your grade in the class.
Luckily, my professors were smart enough to assign quizzes and tests throughout the semester so the final exam doesn’t weigh as heavily.
But it doesn’t matter! Please prepare yourself for finals week.

Here’s some tips:
1. Get adequate rest.
This is why your exams are spaced out. An average person needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep in order to function. Don’t kill yourself memorizing concepts, dates, and chapter notes until 4 a.m. The only thing you’re guaranteed to get is a cranky attitude when you wake up.
2. Make a study schedule.
Better yet, make a study bag. Fill it with pens, #2 pencils, highlighters, post-its (anything you think will come in handy while studying).
Make a schedule where you devote a number of hours per day to each subject. Spend 2 hours reviewing science; 2 hours on math and so forth. Master your schedule, so you’ve covered all topics that might show up on the final.
3. Pack early (College students)
Unless you go to a boarding school, this may not apply. But, take notes because you will have this dilemma in college. Pack as early as you can, so once you’ve completed your exams you’re ready to go!
Don’t wait till the 11th hour to start packing. Start early! Begin with simple packing like selling back your textbooks, so you can get rid of your bookshelf. And for the books you think will come in handy next semester– throw it in a bin!
Now start gathering your clothes (esp, summer dresses/skirts) and put them in the bin. Don’t forget to wash them too! There’s nothing more annoying than coming home with dirty clothes.
Make sure you take all necessary items: photo ids, keys, wallet, money! You don’t want to leave anything that may be get stolen.
4. Have fun!
This may sound cliche, but don’t spend the entire week stressing over a 2 hour test. Go out for a walk, hit the gym, call some buddies, catch up on your favorite tv shows, etc. Have some “me” time and do things that relieve stress.
5. Eat breakfast on the day of your exams.
Have some cereal and orange juice (if you’re not a breakfast person). I use to hate eating in the mornings because I did it so my mom could get off my back before I leave for school!
Breakfast is an essential meal of the day, so take your exam on a full stomach.
Last but not least, good luck!!

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