City Pools Open June 29th!

According to our local weather reports, it will be very hot this weekend. Don’t worry, soon you’ll be able to cool off in one of New York City’s outdoor pools. In fact, they will open on Wednesday, June 29th, one day after public schools end their school year. The pools are absolutely free! There are also free Learn to Swim sessions throughout the summer.

Dates for Summer 2011:

Session I: July 5-21

Session II: July 22-August 9

Session III: August 10-26

Below are some quick tips, if you’d like to take classes at the pools:

  • You will need a copy of your birth certificate for proof of age.
  • A parent or guardian will need to be present on registration day to fill out paperwork.
  • The registration date is usually the day before the first day of class.
  • Get to the pool early on registration day. Once classes fill up, you’ll need to wait and register for the next session.
  • Some pools may require you to bring a padlock to class for lockers.
  • You are not limited to one session. Many pools will let you take as many sessions as you’d like.
  • The classes take place rain or shine. Classes are only cancelled if there is a storm or lightning.
  • Bring sunblock. We had many 90 degree days last year and classes still took place in the hot sun.
Contact the Aquatics Department for any questions: 718.760.6969 or call 311.
Hope this helps!

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