5 Signs You Should Walk Away

We have all had times when we had a strange feeling about something. Some call it intuition, while others feel it’s God. Whatever it is called, we receive a mental or physical sign that we need to “walk away” from a situation, which may cause us more harm in the long run. If you’ve given your all to a relationship and your boyfriend has been a perpetual cheater, it’s time to walk away. If you have a friend that causes drama, always wants to borrow money and is not genuinely supportive of you, you need to walk away. If you are in a store and a salesperson is trying to get you to pay a higher price for something, it’s time to walk away.

Here are 5 Signs You Should Walk Away:

  1. Physical Pain: Sometimes when we’re in the company of someone who is trying manipulate, we may have pains in our neck, back or head, caused by stress.
  2. Dishonesty: If you feel you cannot trust someone as a friend or business person, it’s not necessary to continue the relationship.
  3. Not Being Heard: You’ve talked to a salesperson and told them you want shoes for $25. They work on commission and bring you shoes that costs $50. If you’ve clearly explained what you want several times and they still don’t listen, they really don’t care about what you want.
  4. Negative Talk: People will often try to demean or make you feel guilty to get their way. Sometimes friends or family will challenge if you love or care about when they want you to do something. For example, you’re supposed to be my friend, why can’t you loan me $20?
  5. Controlling Behavior: You may like a boy that tells you he will take care of you and do everything for you. It sounded cute and romantic in the beginning, now he’s telling you what to wear, calling you every five minutes and keeping you away from your friends.  
There is no shame in walking away from people who are toxic and only care about their own needs. In other words, don’t minimize your views or “make yourself small,” to suit someone’s needs or demands. If you are compromising yourself in a personal and business relationship, walk with your head tall and walk away.

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