The Block is Hot!


It has been crazy-hot this week.

Here are some tips to keep cool:

*Take a dip in the pool: City pools are free and fun.

*Go to the beach: The sand will be hot, but at least the water will be cool.

*Get some retail therapy: Visit your favorite mall or budget retail store and stay cool in the air conditioning. Many of them have cheap places to eat. If you see something you like, it won’t break the budget. (Examples, Ikea, Target, Macy’s, etc).

*Travel with water: If you’re making moves in the city, keep bottled water with you. This will prevent dehydration and keep you healthy.

*Stay inside where it’s cool: This may not be ideal, if you have a summer job. If it’s 90 degrees or more and you don’t need to do something, stay home. High temperatures can cause medical conditions like dehydration, dizziness and exhaustion.

*Run to your local ice cream or frozen yogurt shop: This helped to keep you cool as a kid, so try it as a teen. It may or may not keep you cool, but it’s a good reason to get some ice cream.

By the way, just because you have a darker complexion (more melanin), does not mean you do not need sunscreen. Lather up, people of color can get skin cancer, too.

Be Safe,



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