Slow Down, Girl!

Hurricane Irene came in with a fury, but New York City made it through. It’s amazing how we can adapt to situations when we need to, and sometimes it forces us to “stop.” We live in such a fast-paced city. When is the last time you stopped? Unfortunately, it sometimes takes extreme weather, illness or loss of a loved one for us to realize it’s ok for us to slow down and ree-lax. As girls, we often have this pressure of being multi-taskers: checking our twitter accounts while talking on the cell and texting someone. All at the same time. It sounds cool and fancy, but sometimes doing too much all at the same time can cause you to be stressed out, overwhelmed or make mistakes. Hmm, what do you think would happen if you sent, “Let’s go to  the movies tomorrow, Jaden?” Oops, you sent that message to Chris. So, take a moment to enjoy life at a slower pace. You’ll be able to focus and enjoy the moment.


P.S. Take a look at what we’ve been up to in the month of August:

Congrats to our girl Bey, on her baby! We wish you all the best during your pregnancy:)


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One thought on “Slow Down, Girl!

  1. Enku antha manavanai mauttm kutram solla mudiyathu? Avan than karuthai ,virupathai solli ullan.avalavuthan.uyrimai patri pesum evvaru thalaipitu antha elainanai kurai solvathen entraiya mediya elainai pen pethanagam,pothai adimaiyagayum matri varu kiratha Vaimudi athai parkum entha samugam varum kalathil than pillaigal siralivathai kandu vaivittu alathan mudiyum?!

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