Bye, Bye Blisters

Remember those unbearable painful walks back home. Whether your feet is aching away on the train or the cab ride home?

I feel your pain.

We all want to express our outer-beauty. And sometimes – beauty is pain.

And not just for girls who love sporting heels, but I’m writing for the sporty chicks as well.

Here’s one cure to blisters that I discovered on a recent MTV blog post.


Here’s How:

Soak a cotton ball in a mouthwash and pat onto your blister. Repeat as many times throughout the day.

Why it works:

The thymol ingredient in the mouthwash is a helpful ingredient that will help shorten healing time. Also, the menthol in the mouthwash will temporarily numb the pain! So you won’t have to count the days until your next high-heel wearing fiesta.

Try it and let me know how it worked 😉


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