Find a Mentor

People will often say you need a mentor to get to where you want to be in a certain job. Well, that doesn’t always work for everyone. What if you don’t know anyone who is a photographer, an architect or a magazine editor? Sometimes you have to improvise and make it up as you go along. What I mean is, you may not know someone personally, but if you google a topic or read an industry magazine, you may find someone who can help guide you in your career. You may not be able to meet with someone personally, but you can learn and be inspired by them from afar.

I remember reading about Cynthia Horner, who is the former editor of Right On! magazine. It was a magazine that covered music and entertainment for teens. I read it religiously in high school in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. I was so obsessed with this magazine that I collected most of the issues! I didn’t know at the time just how much the magazine would influence my career choice. Fast forward many years later, I had the opportunity to tell Cynthia Horner personally how much she influenced my career, especially launching Double Dutch magazine.

If you are unable to reach a mentor in your area, you never know what a phone call or letter may do. (I know it sounds like a throwback way to communicate.) Even though most people speak by email, many companies are unwilling to give that information, but they will give an address or phone number. As we celebrate Women’s History Month,  reach out to a female mentor to help take you to the next level.



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