5 Easy Fall Fashion Tips

Staying in fashion does not need to be hard. Here are five fashion trends to keep you in style.

Click on the 5 Fall Fashion Trends below and you’ll see an example of each.

  1. Jeweled Collars: This gives you the look of a necklace, but it’s attached to your clothing.
  2. Mixed Prints: In this look, two different patterns are worn together. A small pattern and a large pattern are worn together, but have similar collars. For example, a dot pattern and a checkered pattern.
  3. Printed Jeans: Jeans are given a twist with metallic, Olymic-style hues in gold, silver and bronze.
  4. Fall Floral: Flowers are blooming in Fall with this trend.
  5. Boots: One of my favorite trends for Fall are boots. There are different looks to choose from like booties (short boots with a heel), buckle boots and Equestrian or Riding boots (boots to the knee). Although they are called Equestrian boots in the fashion industry, they remind me of the boots worn by Mary J. Blige. I will call them the “Mary boots.”

Hope this helps to get you fashionably ready for Fall!!


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