You Can Be a Princess, too & I Was Born This Way

Tomorrow is the wedding of Prince William and future princess, Kate Middleton. It will be a very extravagant affair that will be broadcast by news stations across the globe. From the time we were little girls, we’ve read about being a princess. You may not have millions to spend on a royal wedding, but thereContinue reading “You Can Be a Princess, too & I Was Born This Way”

Staying Healthy: Bouncing Back from Getting Sick

Hey Out There! Spring is around the corner, but that doesn’t mean that the cold/virus season has ended. Yesterday, I was in the bed, most of the day, unable to move. I woke up feeling dizzy and knew I needed to get some rest.  I had been very busy lately and had not been gettingContinue reading “Staying Healthy: Bouncing Back from Getting Sick”