Speak Up for Yourself

Here at the Double Dutch Blog, I like to cover fun things, but I have real talk times, too and today is one of those times. I’ve had a few discussions this week about this topic and wanted to address this topic.

Whether you are 4 or 14, it’s important for you to assert yourself and protect your space and you body. The teen years are a time when your hormones are going wild, but only you can establish boundaries and let people know what it and what is not okay.

Even at a young age, you teach people how to treat you. When someone hits you or pushes you on the playground in elementary school and you don’t speak up for yourself, they know that they can try it again. It doesn’t stop when you go to middle or high school. This applies to liking boys, too. A boy may try to convince you to let him kiss you, touch you or send sexy pics of yourself, even if you feel uncomfortable. This proves to him that you like him and he in return, will “choose” you as his girl. You have the right to say, “no.” If he has a problem respecting your space and body, then he is not worthy of your time.

I know it’s a confusing time in navigating teenhood, discovering who you are and trying to fit in, too. I’ve seen girls who have let guys touch them and soon after they are labeled as, “hoes.” There is a double-standard for girls and once you are labeled with a bad reputation, it’s hard to redeem yourself. It may be hard now to be the only one in your crew to have different standards, but you will thank yourself later.

Words have power, so use your words to demonstrate your power!




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