Spring Cleaning!


I’m getting ready for some upcoming events and projects, but in order to do that I need to get organized. It’s amazing how things can build up. This year I am really getting things out that I absolutely don’t need. I’ve started the year out on a good note by donating electronics to e-waste events, thrift stores and clothing swaps. I get more done when I have a space that’s clean and clear. I am not a professional organization expert, but here are some ways I plan to clear out the clutter and add some new life to my work area:

*Donate my broken ipod to Tekserve. It is a retail store in Manhattan that specializes in Apple products. You can receive 10% off a new ipod when you donate your old one.

*Donate books to libraries, bookstores, friends and family.

*Buy inexpensive furniture and containers to put things away after I use them.

*Once spring finally comes, I will add my winter clothes to storage. (Spring, when will you be here?)
*Shred! I will shred old bank statements and other personal papers with my name, so I can prevent identity theft. I don’t want anyone walking around pretending to be me.

*Paint! Paint! Paint! I will add new color to the white walls and furniture to give them some new “flava.”

I hope you enjoyed these tips! Please share any that you may have.



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