Ways to Become a Celeb, Represent YOU with Fashion

There have been many incidents about “bad girls” who’ve done things to other girls and had the incidents profiled on local and national news stations. The scenarios below are based on real incidents and is a reminder that the internet is not just local, but international.

1. Go to a national McDonald’s job fair event in Cleveland, OH and start a fight with a girl over a guy, who’s not thinking about you anyway.
2. Text pics to your boyfriend he promises to keep private. You broke up and now they’re on Facebook.
3. Videotape you and your friends fighting a former friend, so you can laugh at it later. The police contact you because they have evidence you committed a crime.
4.  Sneak into Hollywood celebrities’ homes and post pics on your twitter page. The police used your updates to find out where you were and the items you stole.
5. Send threatening email messages to another student several times a day. You’ve been suspended from school and you may be moved to another school.

Please keep the examples above in mind when sending info about yourself or showcasing bad behavior with friends. You can become a “celeb” in a negative way, faster than you think.

Now on to fashion. . . 
Vonnah, a DD blogger posted a great post about how you can demonstrate your own style with fashion. Check out Vonnah’s fashion post.


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