Yoga To The People: Quiet Intensity

This morning I was looking forward to an afternoon of intense sweating and relaxation. Unfortunately, I missed the 2 o’clock session of Yoga To The People and had to come back another day. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you are missing out on an intense workout!

As the website points out, this is not “gentle yoga”…it is yoga with awareness. The classes are donation based and offered 7 days a week (schedule posted online). I recommend it to anyone who is looking to meditate, while pushing them-self to the limit. In the end it’s worth gaining strength, balance and practice.
Each class begins with an easy stretch, as the momentum picks up. The instructor wants learners to bend, crawl and reach as far as they can. While some may be more flexible, do not get discourage for this is a class that encourages “expand your heart and free your mind.” Nothing is out of reach.
A nearing close session is accompanied by an acoustic sound, sometimes drums or a whistle. This is the meditation stage. Donations are not mandatory, yet this is what helps yoga to the people continue to succeed and open in different locations. Now there are 5 locations in New York City.
Everyone should experience yoga to the people.

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