Just like “Fashion” shows your personality- so do your “Nails” – you can get creative with colours, tints, layers, patterns: JUST TO EXPRESS, the person you are!
It’s fabulous being unique – and it’s more than fabulous- BEING YOU!!
However its also important to look after them by keeping them clean.Cleaning your fingernails isn’t just about looking good but it can affect your health.

So let’s talk about nail care! A big plus, to completing a beautiful you!

Fingernails can carry bacteria and germs beneath them.When washing your hands, be sure to use soap and massage lightly into the areas around your nails and cuticles. Always rinse well.


Once a day, soak your nails in soapy water for about 3-5minutes. Then lightly scrub the surface and undersides of your nails with a soft-bristled nail brush.

Remember to use warm water and soap, to loosen grime and grease!

Wear gloves when you garden or when doing dirty work around the house.

3) Moisturize
Rub moisturizer onto your hands, rubbing a little around your nails and into your cuticles.

*Never dig beneath your nails with a sharp or pointed instrument to remove dirt.
*Don’t bite your nails. Biting nails weakens them and makes them look less attractive.

P.S: Don’t forget about your toe nails, they also need love:
Keep them trimmed and always wear socks with sneakers.

When your nails are clean: Finish off the look with a neat coat of your chosen polish. Add a little personality to their “shine”



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