Beyonce’s New Song, Yoga, Nail Fashion & Beauty Basket

Happy Monday! If you haven’t heard, your girl, Bey has a new song, Run the World (Girls) to empower girls. Beyonce’s song is a great way to start the week on a high note and keep you hyped all week long. I’m sure the video is coming soon, so get ready to learn some newContinue reading “Beyonce’s New Song, Yoga, Nail Fashion & Beauty Basket”


Just like “Fashion” shows your personality- so do your “Nails” – you can get creative with colours, tints, layers, patterns: JUST TO EXPRESS, the person you are!It’s fabulous being unique – and it’s more than fabulous- BEING YOU!!However its also important to look after them by keeping them clean.Cleaning your fingernails isn’t just about lookingContinue reading “NAIL TALK”