Beyonce’s New Song, Yoga, Nail Fashion & Beauty Basket

Happy Monday! If you haven’t heard, your girl, Bey has a new song, Run the World (Girls) to empower girls. Beyonce’s song is a great way to start the week on a high note and keep you hyped all week long. I’m sure the video is coming soon, so get ready to learn some newContinue reading “Beyonce’s New Song, Yoga, Nail Fashion & Beauty Basket”

What’s in your beauty basket?

Every girl has a small stash somewhere of beauty prods. I wonder what’s in your beauty basket? It’s nice to go through the baskets of friends and family, it not only tells you about their “beauty values” but you get to learn about “new prods” – “stuff you need” – “stuff you don’t need” –Continue reading “What’s in your beauty basket?”