Make a Fashion Statement, Rock a Hat!

If you tuned into the Royal Wedding for even five minutes, you may have seen some classic and even, ridiculous hats worn by female guests of the wedding held in London.

Hats have also been a huge tradition among many black churches, too. I still remember my grandmothers rockin’ the hats when they went to service on Sundays. I’ve always loved hats and on occasion, you can catch me in a Kangol. I don’t wear hats as much as I did in the past, but seeing the royal guests and women dressed for Easter this year has given me a new fashion inspiration. Bring on the hats!

Here’s a few celebs who show original style with hats:

Unique & Outrageous: Lady Gaga

Fedoras: Ne-yo, Usher, Alicia Keys, Michael Jackson (he may be gone, but his style lives on)

Baseball//Sports caps: Weezy (Lil’ Wayne), Jay-Z, Fabolous

Kangol: LL Cool J, Sam Jackson

As you can see from the list, there are not many ladies on the list. Where my ladies at? Let’s represent a different style with hats!

Check out my pic below with a hat. I hope today’s post will encourage you to take some fashion risks.

Have a great weekend,



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