PECULIAR PEOPLE WHERE YOU AT? If you are wondering what that is, take a look at this

so let me ask again? ARE YOU PECULIAR?

Peculiar Me Lyrics

Everybody looks at me – Like what’s it gonna be?
I’ve got my hot style,-I flip it round and they can’t handle me
Coz I keep my smile and pass it round, the joy that sets me free
Can’t help, can’t help but be peculiar me

It’s a possibility (how can I do this?)
To break the chains that hold you down(I just keep going back)
Confined by the ways of this world (what are they gonna think)
Afraid to be just who you are(I wanna be like her)
But you were created(look at me!)
Not duplicated(what do you mean?)
An original masterpiece(is that me?)
By the creator God who is (so let’s tell em)

It’s a possibility (yeah you can do this)
To stand above the crowd (you know better)
When everybody’s spreading hate(what if that was you?)
Battered, bruised and scarred(can I make a suggestion)
Why don’t you share some love(unity and peace)
Give a little kindness(that’s what we need)
Be the one,(go that extra mile) to make some changes

Lovely song, lovely words! IF YOU’RE PECULIAR, EMBRACE IT!



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