I Love New York!

“I Love New York!” is the phrase that represents how residents of New York City and tourists feel about New York City.

I was thinking about this when I went to Manhattan today. It’s so easy for me to stay in Brooklyn, especially for work, shopping or whatever. I really need to go into Manhattan more often, because I realized seeing this beautiful city gave me the motivation to move to New York City almost 15 years ago. The skyscrapers. The department stores. The fashion. I love it all! This city has an energy, like no other. I’ve taken the city for granted at times by not experiencing all the culture this city has to offer.  I pass by historic landmarks, but haven’t visited some of them at all or in a really long time.

I saw tourists from other states and countries with cameras snapping away on Fifth Avenue. These people have probably saved their hard-earned money on airfare to visit buildings we can visit by train. I’m making it my mission, this year, to be a tourist in my city by visiting or revisiting New York City sites tourists travel from miles away to see. I’m up for the challenge, are you down? It’s not necessary to spend money in expensive neighborhoods, but they’re great for window shopping and fashion inspiration. You never know what fab outfit or completely outrageous outfit you may see walking the streets of New York City. But you won’t find what’s out there by staying in your neighborhood. So, be adventurous and explore what New York City has to offer.

Below are some must-see sites and neighborhoods in Manhattan and beyond.

Sites to Visit
The Empire State Building
Rockefeller Center
The Statue of Liberty
Central Park
Botanic Gardens (one is in each borough)
The Bronx Zoo
Coney Island
Staten Island Ferry
Lincoln Center, Jazz at Lincoln Center
Museums (The Met, MOMA, Natural History Museum and many others)

Macy’s-34th Street
Yankees Stadium-The Bronx
CitiField/Mets Stadium-Queens
Madison Square Garden
Queens Center Mall
Junior’s Cheesecake-Brooklyn

Neighborhoods to Visit
Fifth Avenue/East Side (streets in the 50s-60s)
Madison Avenue (streets in 50s-60s)
Broadway/Theater District
Chinatown/Canal Street
Lower East Side
Union Square
Times Square
Greenwich Village
Little Italy
34th Street/West Side

P.S. There’s a post by DD blogger, Yolanda, which includes a song about why it’s cool to be peculiar.


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