Sugar Overload & Be Daring Volunteer!


Hope you enjoyed a few days off from school, now back to school. Don’t worry, only a few weeks left for school:). Anyway, while you enjoy the sunny days and fun with your girls this summer, it’s easy to get off track with eating. It’s so many temptations out there, ice cream, cakes, cookies, candy; I can can go on and on. Our resident “candy girl,” Yolanda, has a serious sweet tooth and gives us a list of how damaging those sugary sweets can be to our bodies.

If you love giving back or if you’ve been thinking about and haven’t gotten around to it, volunteer! Our blogger, Ariam will link you to Housing Works, which has a lot of great events throughout the year like thrift stores, bookstores, offices, street fairs and fashion event. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community, build up your resume and get industry experience. Do something new, you just might find your calling!

Have a good one!


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