Ok, saying I have a “sweet tooth” – is an understatement! I honestly have a “sweet teeth” and everybody keeps warning me about this. I decided to investigate and find out WHAT EXACTLY IS THE FUSS! And this is what I found: YIKES!
According to the Doctor Brady blog, too much sugar can result in the following:

1) Obesity
2) Tooth decay
3) Increased risk of yeast infections
4 ) Lowers amount of vitamin E in the blood
5) Causes drowsiness
6) Makes skin age faster
7) Increase body’s water retention
8) Migraines and Headaches
9) Depression
10) Varicose veins
11) Heart diseases
12) Weakens eyesight
13) Mineral deficiencies ( copper, calcium, magnesium, chromium)
14) Suppresses immune system

To think the list continued to number 124. SHOCKING! I new it was bad but I mean: REALLY? That’s just……….(she sighs- staring at the 4 snicker bars by her side). So I should conclude, if you are just as crazy about sweet things as I am……just cut it down. WAY down. We gotta stay healthy and stay happy, besides too much of anything is bad!


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