In response to Jen’s “Love your hair” blog, I totally agree. Our hair definitely does define a tinge of our personality and origins. Quite frankly, society has tried to set “hair standards” to defy our individuality, our culture and our roots. It’s lovely for us to have so many options, but we should also embrace our natural hair. I really love rocking my “mufushwa” [as seen in pic]. It totally offends some people, but that’s just me! Anyway,  no matter how you wear it, if it defines you, then it’s BEAUTIFUL, regardless of what anyone else may say or think. In addition to style, the other important thing is to always look after your hair.

Here are some tips!

1) Know your hair type: this helps you pick hair products that are best for your hair.

2) Wrap or braid your hair before going to bed. Based on your preference, you can part the hair and plait (braid) it, tie it back or wrap it with a scarf before going to bed. This will reduce the number of tangles you’ll have to comb out the next morning, therefore; minimizing the chances of breaking your hair.

3) Don’t wash your hair too often this will dry it out. (No more than every week to week and a half.)

4) Sleep with a satin scarf or sleep cap or with a satin pillow case. This helps avoid split ends caused by the rubbing of your hair against a “rough” cotton pillow case. It also avoids moisture being drained out of your hair into your pillow case.

5) Oil your scalp regularly with good natural oil, like shea butter or use a daily moisturizer. Some other natural oils to try are jojoba oil, olive oil, and sunflower oil.

6) Do a deep conditioner or hot oil treatment once a month.

7) Massage your scalp regularly to promote circulation and oil production.

8) Do not use Vaseline or petroleum products on your hair this blocks pores.

9) Always use a leave-in conditioner after washing your hair.

10) Spritzing a little water on your hair every day is good idea. Get a spray bottle and just spray it just a little.

11) Eat a proper diet. Vitamins and protein are essential for proper hair growth.

Love your hair, always!


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One thought on “HAIR SECRETS

  1. I believe these are the essential tips for maintaining healthy hair! It may not sound that hard, but I remember my mother was the person who told me to never wear a cotton scarf to bed. And I never did.

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