Looking for an internship? Head over to Intern Queen!

For all of my high school students (seniors, pay close attention), if you haven’t heard, the Intern Queen is a great site to connect with internships in a variety of fields!
Intern Queen was founded by Lauren Berger, who juggled 15 internships throughout her college career! Whew! I’m feeling the pressure as I’m typing across this keyboard. She created the site primarily for college students (high school, too) to score internships and learn how to get career experience.
Recently, I became the campus ambassador of my school. Read my blog intro for the Intern Queen. I have been exposed to a world which was once foreign to me. The reason I’m spreading this knowledge is for you to become familiar with this site, as well as, other internship-based websites that open doors to high school students.
Whether you are looking to gain skills in Public Relations, Communications, Journalism, Marketing; there is a wealth of information on this site that is important for your future.
Here’s how it works:
The employers/companies looking to get interns post on the site. It’s the potential interns job to fill out the information and place yourself in a pool of applicants. If desired, the employers will contact you.
I know it may seem overwhelming, but I got my first internship the summer after my freshman year of college. If you’re close to graduating, you may want to educate yourself about the application process. So, when next summer is here, you’ll have a few resources available to you.
Other sites:
Good luck, and if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at frezghi91@gmail.com!

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