Special Post: Link to 7 Websites Every High-schooler Should Get to Know

Remember the Intern Queen post? Well, I just found a link on the blog dedicated to high school students! Perfect timing! The post includes sites that surely everyone has already been introduced. Craigslist, Fastweb.com, and Skype. Yes! Video chatting is a great tool college students use both professionally and personally. So, get familiar if youContinue reading “Special Post: Link to 7 Websites Every High-schooler Should Get to Know”


Looking for an internship? Head over to Intern Queen!

For all of my high school students (seniors, pay close attention), if you haven’t heard, the Intern Queen is a great site to connect with internships in a variety of fields! Intern Queen was founded by Lauren Berger, who juggled 15 internships throughout her college career! Whew! I’m feeling the pressure as I’m typing acrossContinue reading “Looking for an internship? Head over to Intern Queen!”

Step Up Your Game with a Mentor!

The Gye Nyame Empowerment Project, a non-profit organization that creates programs for teens, is providing with dynamic mentoring opportunity. The organization is selecting female, high school sophomores and working with them over a two-year period to reach their goals. This is great chance to be paired with women, who are executives and entrepreneurs and learningContinue reading “Step Up Your Game with a Mentor!”