Jigga is Giving Away Scholarships!

Hip-hop artist and mogul, Jay-Z (Jigga), is giving away scholarships to college-bound high school students!

In order to be eligible for the scholarships and to keep them, you must fulfill the requirements below:

  • Show proof of US residency
  • Provide acceptance letter to a 4-year college or university, community college or trade school
  • Utilize scholarship funds for undergraduate programs only
  • Maintain a 2.0 grade average
  • Participate in community service projects as a scholarship recipient
  • Mentor incoming scholarship recipients after first year of college program
The Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation was created with Jay-Z and his mother, Ms. Gloria Carter. In addition to other community programs, they created the Shawn Carter scholarship fund to help students, who really want a chance for higher education. The foundation members offer scholarships to single mothers, children of alternative schools, students who have earned a G.E.D., and even formerly incarcerated students looking for a second chance in life. This is a great opportunity! If you’re unable to take advantage of it, please pass along to someone else who can.

Scholarship Deadline: June 30, 2011

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