Create Your Own Internship Opportunities

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We have another program for you. Click on the program name below to be sent to the website. The Hyper Island accepts students for a digital fellowship program in Stockholm, Sweden for minority high school and college students. Yes, you can become a world traveler.

Hyper Island Digital Fellowship

I didn’t really get a good internship until I graduated from college. Hopefully, you’ll have better luck with getting an internship than I did. Many high school and college students get stressed out about internships, but it eventually works out in the end. If you are not having much luck with internships, try to get experience in a different way by thinking “outside the box.” As a college student I did a small internship at a company where someone basically gave me busy work, before I landed my big internship. After graduation from college, I was accepted as an intern for the American Association of Advertising Agency (4 As) Minority Advertising Internship Program. I was a paid intern at an advertising agency, which also helped me move to New York City. Before I was accepted at the internship, I sold advertising for my college newspaper for three years! It was not considered an internship, but I gained career experience. I worked there five days a week for several hours per day. The point of me talking about all of this is to emphasize the paid or unpaid programs at your school, where you can gain career experience. There are some great career clubs to help you gain experience, too. I was in an advertising club in college, which helped me receive a scholarship, go on trips and; ultimately, earn an internship. There are definitely programs and clubs out there, but if not, you can be a leader and create your own opportunities.



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