7 Websites to Know, Internships & Stilettos

It’s Wednesday and you’re halfway through the week. Yay! I hope you’re making the best of your weekday, so you can have some fun on the weekend!

Our blogger, Ariam strikes again. She’s posted a list of 7 websites that you need to know to help you get “in the grind” and work toward your dream career. She’s also a campus ambassador for the site, internqueen.com. She gives tips on how to search for and land, your first internship.

If you are a “stiletto woman,” you must read Yolanda’s blog about high heels. They are beautiful, but did you know they could be hazardous to your health? Plus, it’s beach and pool season, do you really think the cutie from your English class wants to see your feet at the beach with corns and hammertoes? I don’t think so. . .Read her post and you’ll learn how to stay fashionable and have healthy toes.

Have a great night,



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