Summer Fun, Stay Cool & Remembering Amy Winehouse

There’s only a month left of summer before you go back to school, so enjoy it! Our blogger, Ariam has discovered that she has a completely different perspective about animals after working for the Bronx Zoo. Now, will she become our world’s next animal rights activists? Who knows? It’s all about exposure to different activities,Continue reading “Summer Fun, Stay Cool & Remembering Amy Winehouse”

7 Websites to Know, Internships & Stilettos

It’s Wednesday and you’re halfway through the week. Yay! I hope you’re making the best of your weekday, so you can have some fun on the weekend! Our blogger, Ariam strikes again. She’s posted a list of 7 websites that you need to know to help you get “in the grind” and work toward yourContinue reading “7 Websites to Know, Internships & Stilettos”

New Music from Jill Scott and Beauty Tips

Hey, The Double Dutch Blog has been going strong for over a month now. As promised, we’ve welcomed some members to our blog crew. See what our blogger, Ariam, has to say about Jilly from Philly and her hot, new song release. Get insider skin tips uses for aloe vera and jojoba oil from our Zimbabwe-bornContinue reading “New Music from Jill Scott and Beauty Tips”