Summer Fun, Stay Cool & Remembering Amy Winehouse

There’s only a month left of summer before you go back to school, so enjoy it! Our blogger, Ariam has discovered that she has a completely different perspective about animals after working for the Bronx Zoo. Now, will she become our world’s next animal rights activists? Who knows? It’s all about exposure to different activities, ladies, and challenging yourself to try something beyond your comfort zone.

Here I go again with another post about heat, but we’ve had record-breaking heat conditions over the past few weeks. Yolanda tells us why we need to drink H2O, also known as, water to stay healthy in the heat and for everyday life as part of good nutrition habits.

Unless you took time away from technology this week, you have likely heard about the death of singer, Amy Winehouse. At age 27, she captured support from fans due to her gutteral and raspy vocal skills and inventive songwriting skills. She shared her personal feelings about relationships and I loved her courage for expressing her truth and rock a beehive with hoop earrings. Despite the strong support of family, friends and fans, it was not enough to save her from whatever inner turmoil she was experiencing in her life. I was rooting for her and hoping she would emerge from stints in rehab clear-headed and stronger, but that was not to be. Her music will live on for other future soul singers. I hope her life will serve as an example of why it’s important to surround yourself with people who are willing to challenge you to do better and why it’s important to keep toxic people out of your life.

I know her song, Rehab was a favorite for a lot of people. Here’s a video clip from one of my faves, Love is a Losing Game.  This song could easily be a poem if read without any music. R.I.P. Amy.




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