TV Shows Sizzle this Summer!

Our blogger, Ariam, shares her favorite TV shows for the summer.

Like, Ariam, I watch Basketball Wives and I’m looking forward to the return of Atlanta Housewives, “Who gone check me, boo?” It promises to be more drama. Thanks to DVR on my TV, I can record shows and enjoy the world around me, knowing my favorite shows will be waiting for me. I agree these shows can be confrontational and unrealistic, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have fun and decompress from a busy day. At least, that’s what I tell myself.

I think reality shows are fun to watch, as long as, you remember it’s TV. For example, fighting like the “cast members” of Atlanta Housewives, Basketball Wives or Jersey Shore might land you in jail. Having nude pictures leaked online like Kim Kardasian, Paris Hilton or Jennifer Williams will not give you cool points or a reality show, it may lead to a bad reputation or land you in serious hot water with your parents. So, don’t try this at home, ok, boo boo (in my Evelyn of Basketball Wives voice)?

Keep it safe,



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