Great Customer Service Goes a Long Way!

I go into food places and retail stores and I get so annoyed by the service I receive. The sales person does not say, “Hello” or “How may I help you?” I have walked out of stores if they take too long to greet me or have major attitude. I refuse to spend my money at a place if people are rude. Recently, I went to a place and the person at the window could not put her cheesy fries down long enough to sell me tickets. Really? I don’t even want to go there with the workers who have long conversations, while customers wait to pay or order food.

I know many of you will work summer jobs in offices, retail stores and food companies. Please treat customers or clients the same as you’d like to be treated when you’re buying food or clothing. I’ve had retail gigs at Bloomingdale’s, Tiffany & Co., Burlington Coat Factory and my first job was at a fast food place; I’m speaking from the experience of working on the other side. If you present a positive attitude, the company may invite you back for another summer or as a part-time worker during the school year.

Here are tips for giving customers a great customer service experience:

  1. Smile when greeting customers. Act as if you are thankful for jobs (in this economy, some people don’t have them).
  2. Say “Please” and “Thank You,” when speaking to customer. Ask if they need any help in the store.
  3. Don’t talk about your personal business or complain in front of a customer. No one wants to hear about your relationship drama or how much you hate your boss.
  4. Know your product. If a customer asks about a dress size or what’s in certain foods, you should be able to answer it. If you don’t know the answer, tell them you will check and get back to them. Managers can also help with customer questions.
  5. Give clear directions of where an item is in the store. If a customer is having a problem finding something in the store, walk them to the area or give them exact directions. “Somewhere over there,” is not the best way to answer. Customers can get frustrated and leave.
  6. Speak in a professional manner. You can speak “slang” or use other language with your friends. Not speaking properly may turn off customers and give them a negative impression of you.
You may feel it does not make any difference if a customer buys or not. It’s not your company. It really does make a difference. A customer, who has a great experience in a store, is likely to spend more money and return to the store again and again. This impacts you, because the number of customers shopping in a store may affect the number of hours you receive for work, if you receive a raise and if you will continue to have a job. Giving great customer service will help make your job a lot more fun!

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