Specific Benefits of Different Dances

Previously I mentioned that Dancing is a FUN form of excercise, and the workout depends on the type of dancing you do, here are some types of dances and their benefits.

Belly Dancing

•Helps weight loss
•Reduces stress
•Improved posture
•Muscle toning
•Maintains flexibility
•Helps prevent lower back problems
•Tones and firms arms and shoulders

Ballroom Dancing

•Stress relief
•Keeps the heart in shape
•Builds and increases stamina
•Strengthens and tones legs and body
•Increases flexibility and balance
•Helps with weight loss

Salsa Dancing

•Builds endurance and stamina
•Helps with weight loss
•Relieves stress
•Helps you release toxins via sweating
•May help lower blood pressure
• Improves cholesterol levels
•Reduced Heart rate

Square Dancing

•Lower blood pressure
•Improved cholesterol profile
•Strengthens bones
•Loosens and tones muscles

citation: http://www.sixwise.com/


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