Let’s Dance

Dancing is not only a great way to have fun or to just let loose but its also an enjoyable social form of exercise. Research has shown that dancing

•Reduces stress
•Improves strength
•Increases energy
•Increases muscle tone
•Increases body coordination

Other benefits that have been found to be related to dancing include:

•Lower risk of coronary heart disease
•Decreases blood pressure
•Helps with weight management
•Strengthens leg and hip bones

But how good is dancing as a workout?
Well, like most excercises it depends on the type of dancing and how strenuous it is, the duration as well as your skill level.

So get your favourite music, your dancing shoes and DANCE! Your way to a healthier, happier, more relaxed YOU!

*Also read the blog on “Specific Benefits of Different Dances”

citation: http://www.SixWise.com


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