Zimbabwe (Zim) with its warm, wet, dry climate has forced fashion and style to flow with its tide.

“Although we are still behind- Fashion in Zim is trying its best to catch up with the international trends.” Tessa Mahata ~fashion columnist

More and more teens in Zimbabwe are beginning to understand the “do’s” and “don’ts”- of looking good.

What’s in:
1.Leggings are so in- in combination with dress-shirts and short skirts.
2.Skinnies are overiding jeans! They are like the only type of jeans being worn.
3.Belts: It is almost near IMPOSSIBLE to find tops, dresses or skirts without belts. 4.Plaid shirts
5.Tommy tennis shoes (originals in Zim made by BATA)
6.Gladiator shoes.
7.Heels- especially peep-toes and wedge heels.

What’s out:
1.Spag Tops
2. Army print
3. Jelly Pumps
4. Hipsters

What will be in:
According to Tessa, lace may make a BIG impact. Even maxi dresses may show up on the scene. Some teens have also shown interest in high-waisted skirts aswell as vintage. ( Raiding mother’s wardrobe). Crop jackets, pants and blouses from the past seem to be returning.

Hopefully Zim fashion will catchup and develop its own “style” – and mould its originality into something all TEENS can have a “fashion-personality” in.

Yolanda-Lin M


Free Prom Dresses!

Whether you are going to a junior or senior prom, Double Dutch has the dresses for all you fashionistas out there. If you’re lucky you can get it for free (yes, free) or for as cheap as $20.

So here it goes:

Something for the People (SFTP)
In its second year, the non-profit, Something for the People has partnered with the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation to give gently worn Prom dresses and accessories to girls living in the shelter system or for those who are unable to purchasing the often expensive formal dresses for middle school or high school events.

If you are in the “grown folks” category and want to part with formal dresses and bridesmaid dresses, etc., you can view the flyer below for drop-off locations. If you are unable to donate a dress, you can give $10 to go towards shoes or other accessories for girls. SFTH provides dresses and accessories absolutely f-r-e-e.

Click here to check out pics from last year’s event. Email Ms. Woods about future Prom dress events or to donate dresses: l.woods@somethingforthepeople.org

Sisterly Kiss & Catherine’s Closet Annual Prom Dress Giveaway
Sisterlykiss, an organization created by 98.7 KISS FM radio host, Shaila has partnered with Catherine’s Closet to provide designer gowns for students and adults for $20. This event was formed to provide fab dresses for economically advantaged high school students. Featured designers include Armani, Jessica McClintock, Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang and gowns from department stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s. By purchasing a dress, you’re also supporting the Catherine’s Closet, Inc. scholarship fund.

Dates: Saturday, April 17th & Saturday, May 7th

Location: 570 Broad Street, 8th Floor

Phone: 973.616.2060

Time: 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Double Dutch E-Newsletter

Did you know that we have a monthly Double Dutch newsletter? Well, we do!

Today marks the 43rd anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination. Please read why Dr. King’s should be an example of purpose, not sadness. Also, if you missed some past blogs, they’ve been included in the newsletter for easy reading. To read about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and past blog postings, click here.

Enjoy the newsletter and have a good one!



Urban Word Teen Poetry Slam at the Apollo Tomorrow!


Urban Word NYC will present its 13th annual Teen Poetry Slam tomorrow, Saturday, April 2, 2011. Teens will compete at the Apollo (yes, the world famous Apollo in Harlem). The poets, ages 13-19, will have a chance to be selected as a one of the six poets for the NYC Slam Team. The poets selected for the national team will compete at the Brave New Voices Nationals this summer in San Francisco, CA. Go out and hear over 20 talented teens “bless the mic.” I also want to give a shout out to Ashley August, who will be on the mic tomorrow.

Tickets: Adults $18, Youth under 20 yrs. $12
tickets can be purchased at ticketmaster.com, in-person at the box office or by phone 800.745.3000

To learn more about the event visit the Apollo Theater website

For more info on writing workshops for teens, visit the Urban Word NYC website

Need Plans For The Summer?

Okay, summer is right around the corner, the season we all anticipate. But what to do? I have a couple suggestions.

  • How about a summer job? 
  • How about helping out around your community?
  • College bound? Internships are great!

Now, I know alot of you are wondering why a summer job? Of course you just want to have fun, but that’s the wonderful thing about summer jobs. If you like being around people and want to earn a bit of extra cash this summer, a job would be a great way to go. You can work and have fun all at the same time. You can work at an amusement park, a day camp, or even a zoo. All jobs you can enjoy as well as meeting loads of new people.

 Volunteering is always a fantastic way to go. Whether it is helping out at the local Salvation Army, lending a hand at a church soup kitchen or creating your own project. Give back to your community! Let’s make a change. Not only are you changing the lives of others, your changing YOUR life as well, and there’s no better feeling.

Are you getting ready for college in the fall? Check your community bulletin board. Now is the best time to do so. Internships are a great introduction to your career path. Whether it is business, fashion, nursing or film, this would be a great time to determine if that career is meant for you.  Get ahead! Challenge yourself!  Internships are always impressive on a resume and you will be getting a leg up on others in your career path. You can have fun and educate yourself at the same time.

So what are you doing this summer?


Spring Cleaning!


I’m getting ready for some upcoming events and projects, but in order to do that I need to get organized. It’s amazing how things can build up. This year I am really getting things out that I absolutely don’t need. I’ve started the year out on a good note by donating electronics to e-waste events, thrift stores and clothing swaps. I get more done when I have a space that’s clean and clear. I am not a professional organization expert, but here are some ways I plan to clear out the clutter and add some new life to my work area:

*Donate my broken ipod to Tekserve. It is a retail store in Manhattan that specializes in Apple products. You can receive 10% off a new ipod when you donate your old one.

*Donate books to libraries, bookstores, friends and family.

*Buy inexpensive furniture and containers to put things away after I use them.

*Once spring finally comes, I will add my winter clothes to storage. (Spring, when will you be here?)
*Shred! I will shred old bank statements and other personal papers with my name, so I can prevent identity theft. I don’t want anyone walking around pretending to be me.

*Paint! Paint! Paint! I will add new color to the white walls and furniture to give them some new “flava.”

I hope you enjoyed these tips! Please share any that you may have.


Speak Up for Yourself

Here at the Double Dutch Blog, I like to cover fun things, but I have real talk times, too and today is one of those times. I’ve had a few discussions this week about this topic and wanted to address this topic.

Whether you are 4 or 14, it’s important for you to assert yourself and protect your space and you body. The teen years are a time when your hormones are going wild, but only you can establish boundaries and let people know what it and what is not okay.

Even at a young age, you teach people how to treat you. When someone hits you or pushes you on the playground in elementary school and you don’t speak up for yourself, they know that they can try it again. It doesn’t stop when you go to middle or high school. This applies to liking boys, too. A boy may try to convince you to let him kiss you, touch you or send sexy pics of yourself, even if you feel uncomfortable. This proves to him that you like him and he in return, will “choose” you as his girl. You have the right to say, “no.” If he has a problem respecting your space and body, then he is not worthy of your time.

I know it’s a confusing time in navigating teenhood, discovering who you are and trying to fit in, too. I’ve seen girls who have let guys touch them and soon after they are labeled as, “hoes.” There is a double-standard for girls and once you are labeled with a bad reputation, it’s hard to redeem yourself. It may be hard now to be the only one in your crew to have different standards, but you will thank yourself later.

Words have power, so use your words to demonstrate your power!



New Song by Laws for L.L.H.H. (Ladies Lovin’ Hip-Hop)


Here’s a song from J.U.S.T.I.C.E League artist, Laws. It’s dedicated to ladies who love hip-hop. (Yes, we can love it, too.) I like this video because it’s simple and has real girls. It’s so nice to see everyday girls and not scantily-clad girls shaking their goods in the background at a club scene. I’m so over that type of video. It would be nice to have some originality in hip-hop and not the same recycled ideas.

I give a fist bump to Laws for having the courage to step out the hip-hop box and create a song and video that that uplifts and celebrates the ladies. Maybe Laws will be an example for other artists to develop more creative videos. Looking forward to seeing more from this up-and-coming artist.

So check out Law’s Lady Hip Hop Video

For more info on Laws, visit his twitter and myspace pages.

Have a great night!


Do "It" Today!! AND More Teen Programs!

Happy Monday!

Yes, you can be happy on a Monday. It’s the start of the week, so you have four more days to plan, organize and be in the grind towards your goal. Life is fun, but being is productive and “getting things done” can help relieve stress, especially if you plan ahead. I think we are all guilty of waiting to the last possible minute. So, if you have a project due later this week or if you’ve been talking about applying to a college, “Do it today!” You will be amazed at how proud of yourself you will be by getting things early instead of completing projects late.


A Recovering Procrastinator

Here are some great programs for high school students:

Cultivating Aspiring Leaders (CAL Foundation)
This program helps students to develop leadership skills that they can use in college, career and beyond. Speakers from local New York City non-profits, law firms and colleges will discuss a range of topics that include social media image, dealing with bullying, giving back to one’s community and entrepreneurship.
Open to: High school seniors, graduating in 2012; minority students, students with leadership abilities
Application Process: Online application, students must be nominated to attend
Program Schedule: Saturday, July 9-July 30th
Deadline: May 1, 2011 at 5 p.m.
Click here for the application.

GNEP (Gye Nyame Empowerment Program) 15 Stories Mentorship Program
This program will match high school students with mentors that will aid them to achieve their goals by overcoming challenges and obstacles. The organization will commit to helping girls during a two-year period by matching them with a mentor that they will be in touch with by phone and in-person on a monthly basis.
Open to: Female high school sophomores
Application Process: Application, interview
Program Schedule: June 2011-July 2013
Deadline: Monday, April 4, 2011
For application, please email: s2s15stories@gmail.com

Need Help with Your College Application Package?

Happy Friday, Luv!

Some of you out there may be the first person in your fam to apply to college. If you need some help getting ready, The Brooklyn Pubic Library can help!

They are holding two workshops next week to help you prepare your college application package. On Friday, April 1, 2011, they are presenting, “How to Write Your Personal Statement for College.” The next morning, on Saturday, April 2, 2011, the workshop will be a “SAT Practice Test.” So hustle over to the Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Branch to get the help you need and soon you’ll have your college acceptance letters.
The Brooklyn Public Library
Central Branch
10 Grand Army Plaza
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Second Floor, Meeting Room
Friday, April 1st: 3:00-4:30 PM, Presented by Mark Sanders, Coordinator of Partnership Programs, SUNY Empire State College
Saturday, April 2nd: 10:00 AM-12:00 PM, RSVP to attend, visit the Kaplan Test website or Call 1.800.KAP.TEST (1.800.527.8378) give event code: SKBY1012
Both events are FREE
Good Luck!
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