Beauty Fans Rejoice! Sephora is Coming to Brooklyn! #SephoraBK

If you love perfume, makeup, body butters and more, then celebrate the Brooklyn grand opening of every New Yorkers’ favorite beauty store, Sephora. That means no more trekking to Manhattan, unless you really want to. . .the location at Times Square is pretty hard to resist. Anyway, spread the word to other members of yourContinue reading “Beauty Fans Rejoice! Sephora is Coming to Brooklyn! #SephoraBK”

Restoration Holds it 32nd Annual 10K

As you can see, I have been writing and writing and writing. It’s been so much fun! Anyway, you can read the piece below about Restoration’s 10K. It was my first time going to the event. In fact, it inspired me to participate next year. I don’t know if I will run, but I canContinue reading “Restoration Holds it 32nd Annual 10K”

Restoration Rocks 2013 with Big Daddy Kane, Chrisette Michele and Questlove!

Hey!! I just wanted to share a piece I wrote for Restoration Rocks! It was a great event as you’ll see with the photos below. Click on the words below to read the article and see the pics below: Restoration Rocks Recap Enjoy! Jen

My Favorite B-Ball Player

I hail from the “Boogie-Down” Bronx and I love basketball. My favorite team is the Los Angeles Lakers. My favorite player is Kobe Bryant a.k.a. “The Black Mamba.” Even my baby brother knows about Kobe and he’s  only 2 years old! I think he’s the best because he’s  cool. I can’t wait for NBA season toContinue reading “My Favorite B-Ball Player”

The Truth Behind Co-ed and All Girl Schools

As a 15 -year-old teenage girl, I think I have the right to say just how much this topic, “All Girls vs Co-ed Schools” bothers me. Though the difference between these two is obvious (the lack of boys in one and the combination of both sexes in another), there are other facts that should beContinue reading “The Truth Behind Co-ed and All Girl Schools”

Victoria’s Tips for Making Cakes

I love to make cakes and wanted to share my baking tips. I want other kids to have as much fun as I do making cakes:) Cake Making Tips First, get all of your ingredients together for the recipe. If you’re doing a cake, don’t start from scratch. Make box cakes, because it takes lessContinue reading “Victoria’s Tips for Making Cakes”

Summer Fun in the Sun

Hey, Summer is finally here! I know everyone is trying to find fun things to do. With the super-hot heat in the air, it’s almost impossible to get out to enjoy the summer weather! Try these activities and I’m sure you’ll have a summer worth spending! If you love music and concerts (free ones at that), thenContinue reading “Summer Fun in the Sun”

Who’s Better, Marvel or DC comics?

Hello everyone! Today I want to talk about Marvel and DC Comics. Recently, many people have told me they think DC is better than Marvel. I respect their opinion, but now I want to share mine. Before I continue, I would like to point out that I am a 14-year-old girl who grew up withContinue reading “Who’s Better, Marvel or DC comics?”

Blogging in Brooklyn!! @bpl_infocommons, @blazine14, @ariah772

Thanks to some of the girls that joined me today for blogging. We will be posting some of their blog writing soon. We have 3 more sessions, so spread the word to teen girls and boys that you know. Once again, it is free AND the Brooklyn Public Library has new Macs and PCs forContinue reading “Blogging in Brooklyn!! @bpl_infocommons, @blazine14, @ariah772”

Double Dutch Magazine Writing Workshops Started Today!

Hey! Today is the first day of my writing workshops for teens! Yay!! The Brooklyn Public Library Info Commons is the perfect location for the workshops. The room is great and the equipment is already here. They have new Mac and PC laptops with Wifi. The computers also include design programs. So I have toContinue reading “Double Dutch Magazine Writing Workshops Started Today!”