Beauty Fans Rejoice! Sephora is Coming to Brooklyn! #SephoraBK

If you love perfume, makeup, body butters and more, then celebrate the Brooklyn grand opening of every New Yorkers’ favorite beauty store, Sephora. That means no more trekking to Manhattan, unless you really want to. . .the location at Times Square is pretty hard to resist. Anyway, spread the word to other members of yourContinue reading “Beauty Fans Rejoice! Sephora is Coming to Brooklyn! #SephoraBK”

See a Double Dutch Competition Live at the Apollo!

The biggest and the best double dutch competition is coming to the Apollo on Sunday, December 2, 2012! The National Double Dutch League (NDDL) will host its 21st Annual Double Dutch Holiday Classic. I can testify that this is the best, because I was was able to witness the greatness of this event first-hand. IfContinue reading “See a Double Dutch Competition Live at the Apollo!”

Be Careful Selling Products on Facebook

Thieves in Brooklyn have lured teens to subway stations to rob them. What? Yes, that’s right! Unsuspecting teens tried to sell iPhones and sneakers, but were instead robbed by internet-savvy thieves posing as potential buyers. Read about it the thefts here on New 12 Brooklyn. Here are some ways to stay safe if you’re sellingContinue reading “Be Careful Selling Products on Facebook”

MC Lyte Rocks the Mic in Brooklyn at Restoration Rocks!

On Saturday, October 6, 2012 crowds of old-school and new-school hip-hop fans gathered on Fulton Street in Brooklyn, NY to to celebrate the arts and culture of Bedford-Stuyvesant at the 6th Annual Restoration Rocks! music festival.,  The event was presented by the Bedford-Stuyvesant Corporation and the Soul of Brooklyn. The festival featured the music ofContinue reading “MC Lyte Rocks the Mic in Brooklyn at Restoration Rocks!”

MC Lyte Returns to Brooklyn!

This Saturday October 6th, hip-hop artist MC Lyte returns to Brooklyn for Restoration Rocks! The 6th annual music festival is presented by the Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation, in collaboration with Soul of Brooklyn. The event kicks off at 12 pm and ends at 5 pm. The festival features a performance by one of the best female lyricist,Continue reading “MC Lyte Returns to Brooklyn!”