Be Careful Selling Products on Facebook

Thieves in Brooklyn have lured teens to subway stations to rob them. What? Yes, that’s right! Unsuspecting teens tried to sell iPhones and sneakers, but were instead robbed by internet-savvy thieves posing as potential buyers.

Read about it the thefts here on New 12 Brooklyn.

Here are some ways to stay safe if you’re selling items on Facebook or other social media sites:

*Talk to to the potential buyer on the phone before you meet. If you don’t have good feelings about them by phone, you save yourself time by not meeting them at all.

*See if it’s possible for the buyers parents can talk to your parents before you meet.

*Take an adult or parent with you to sell the item.

*Meet in a public place like a restaurant, library or coffee shop.

*Try to sell the item for cash, so there is not any chance for fake checks.

Stay Safe:)



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2 thoughts on “Be Careful Selling Products on Facebook

  1. Fuck ya man, thats a great idea. I think term pie has to do with the traditional round shape and the use of pi (3.14..) to find the area but I dont rellay know, Im just guessing thats where it comes from. Baked square blueberry pie with mozzarella and romano awsome! Gotta love real Italian cooking..haha and Im a scott!

    1. Siddharth and Shivani. Sid is the brother of one my long time stoppruers (and clients!) Tanushree. We explored TriBeCa and Meatpacking area for their engagement shoot and came up with some fun

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