Be Careful Selling Products on Facebook

Thieves in Brooklyn have lured teens to subway stations to rob them. What? Yes, that’s right! Unsuspecting teens tried to sell iPhones and sneakers, but were instead robbed by internet-savvy thieves posing as potential buyers. Read about it the thefts here on New 12 Brooklyn. Here are some ways to stay safe if you’re sellingContinue reading “Be Careful Selling Products on Facebook”

Keep Safe

Last Friday, the ABC Daytime talk show, The View, featured the family of Mishell-Nicole DiAmonde Green. Mishell (pictured above) is a New York City teen who was missing for several months. The family, along with Derrica Wilson, president and CEO of the Black and Missing Foundation, were on the show to bring awareness to Mishell’sContinue reading “Keep Safe”