Let’s Move, Get in Shape for the Summer!


Spring is here and it’s a great time to get in shape for the summer. I know your question is, “How do I get motivated? I think one of the the best ways to workout is to find something that you love, so you it doesn’t feel like work.

Treadmills may not be fun for you, so find something else that you like to do. I practiced taekwondo for over five years and later earned my black belt, because it was fun and I like a challenging workout. Recently, I’ve been doing spinning classes, which is a class where you do different speeds and bike positions on a stationary bike.  Check out your local YMCA or gym for classes like Zumba, belly dancing, hip-hop dance and African dance.

There are small steps that you can take, too, and you don’t even realize that you’re trimming your waistline. Instead of taking the train one or two stops, walk to the next one and take the stairs up a few flights and skip the elevator. If you love practicing dance routines from music videos, try the YouTube video below for a great workout and invite your friends, too. It’s from our First Lady, Michelle Obama’s  “Let’s Move” campaign to help fight childhood obesity.

Let’s Move video with Beyonce song

Have fun!



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