Music For Monday!

Hi, Hope you had a fantastic weekend! It’s nice to finally have some weather that actually fits the season. It is June, so we should have warm, sunny days. Cold and rainy winter days are not cute, especially for my hair. Anyway, my friend posted this video on his Facebook page. I thought I’d shareContinue reading “Music For Monday!”


Let’s Move, Get in Shape for the Summer!

Hey, Spring is here and it’s a great time to get in shape for the summer. I know your question is, “How do I get motivated? I think one of the the best ways to workout is to find something that you love, so you it doesn’t feel like work. Treadmills may not be funContinue reading “Let’s Move, Get in Shape for the Summer!”

Look at Me Now!

Hey, Today was a gorgeous day in New York City! I’m looking forward to spring. It was a craaazy winter season and we all deserve some warm weather, right? Spring is also a season for great music. I’m really diggin’ the beat of “Look at Me Now” by Chris Brown, which also features Lil’ WayneContinue reading “Look at Me Now!”